Affiliate terms

Affiliate program

Affiliate marketing means that you promote our products on your website, blog, facebook page. Should someone clicking on this

advertisement and buying a product on the LS Design website, you earn a commission on this.

It is free

Applying affiliate marketing costs nothing, you can get started right away via LS Design. You place quickly and easily without knowledge of web

programming, a link on your own website, your own blog, your facebook and/or hyves page. To messages that you send via twitter you can

easily add your unique affiliate link. All orders sent via your link will be automatically added to your affiliate account. This allows the agreed


How does it work?

Affiliate marketing works through unique affiliate links. When you are registered at LS Design, a unique affiliate code for your created. You

can use this unique link to promote our products. This one link is unique to you and contains your affiliate ID. When a visitor clicks on your

affiliate link, this visitor becomes by referring to the LS Design website. It is therefore recorded that the visitor is via your affiliate link come.

If the visitor buys you will receive your commission.

How are the sales and the commission registered.

All links that you include on your site contain a unique recognition code (site ID). Every time a visitor through your site purchases, we

register this. It is essential that you always have the code from the LS Design partner program used to make your links.

How do I know how much I have already earned?

In the affiliate program you will find the login page with your personal reports. Here you will find various reports that give you insight into

how much you have already earned, how many hits, visits and webshop orders have been made.

How much commission do I receive?

You receive 5% commission as soon as a visitor buys an article from LS Design via your link. Your commission is calculated on the basis of

the gross turnover of all approved orders. This is the turnover included VAT and excluding shipping

When are orders approved?

A consumer has 14 days after purchase to return a product. If the consumer

the product does not return and the invoice has been paid, the order is approved.

What about the VAT?

If you are liable for VAT, you can send an invoice. The commission you receive is your gross commission. So including VAT. You can then

draw up an invoice with both your net and gross commission and the VAT amount.

How often is paid out?

The settlement takes place per month. Your commission will be paid when it exceeds € 10. If

your commission is less than € 10, - it will be saved and paid out in a following month if you are above

the border comes true.