Terms & Conditions

1.Any delivery will, in the absence of a protest, be sent by registered mail within 8 days after its dispatch accepted. Defects in part of the

delivered material do not entitle the buyer to reject the entire batch. The partial utilization of the delivered material also has the

unconditional and total acceptance of the complete delivery as a result.

2. If the responsibility of the seller can be prevented with regard to defects in the delivered goods material, this responsibility is limited to

the return of the defective material and refund of the price paid by the buyer, only for the defective material.

3. All delivered goods remain the property of the seller, even in the event of bankruptcy, until an entire payment has intervened, possibly

supplemented by the conventional interest and the non-life clause (see below).

4. The delivery of the goods in question is done under the general responsibility of the buyer, which therefore responsible for any damage

caused to the materials during delivery.

5.All invoices are payable on the sales offices of the seller in Lommel and this no later than 30 days after invoice date.

6. In the event of non-payment at the latest on the due date, a default interest will commence by operation of law and without any notice of

default walking 15% per year.

7. In the event of non-payment, the seller has the right, without any notice of default, to pay a lump sum compensation of 15% of the invoice

amount, this with a minimum of 65 euros.

8. All payments to the seller must be made by the buyer in euros, in such a way that some currency costs are charged of the buyer such that

the net invoice amount must be received in full by the seller.

9.The buyer expressly accepts that a late delivery can not give rise to payment of any compensation by the seller.

10.All disputes are without exception the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Court arrondissement Hasselt (Belgium), this also for foreign