Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a relatively inexpensive way to produce plastic products. On the basis of a

drawing or idea a mold is made. Depending on the application, the material to be formed and the quantity

products to be formed, we choose an aluminum or molded mold from epoxy resin. This mold is placed in the

vacuum forming machine. A plastic Sheet is placed in the machine and heated until it is soft.

The mold is then pressed into the plate, the vacuum suction will pull all of the air out from under the heated

plastic sheet and it will be forced down over your mold. The plastic will begin to cool instantly.

After cooling, the mold can drop out of the molded product and the product can be further processed. For our

carbon look protectors we use ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic with a nice carbon look finish.

Vacuum forming machine

The maximum size of the sheet to be formed is 600 by 1200 mm. Within these sizes there are several

possibilities to form the best possible product with as little residual material as possible.

Robotic milling

A milling program is written manually. This means that a product can be made exactly fitting.

The vacuum-formed product is then evacuated on a milling mold. This ensures that the product during the

milling process can not shift. After placing the product, the robot is started and works the whole

milling program automatically. Our six-axis milling robot can machine shaped and flat plates.


If you have a particular item in mind or would like to use our vacuum forming services then please don't hesitate

to contact us.